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Have a Web Site that you want to have a Voice Interactive Agent deal with your On-Line presence?

Join the web Turing Contest and vote for which chatterbot you think is truly the most intellectually advanced.

The user may ask simple questions or give simple commands like “Give me a news update”, which the Chatbot scans for keywords and possibly matches these with its dataset.

If the Chatbot is able to match one or more keywords with its dataset, the predefined response will show as output.

Ultra Hal is an artificially intelligent chat bot that learns from past conversations, according to its creators at Zabaware.

Having two of them talk may result in: mild sexism, communism, and random interjections of trivia.

This criterion depends on the ability of a computer program to impersonate a human in a real-time written conversation with a human judge, sufficiently well that the judge is unable to distinguish reliably—on the basis of the conversational content alone—between the program and a real human.

Chatbots are not a particularly new phenomenon to this world.

Learn the basics of chatbot development in minutes, or hone your skills with our Tutorial.

View and download conversation logs to use during bot development.

Actually Semantycs of Full On Net, emulates human behavior and interact with databases and ERP like SAP.

which proposed what is now called the Turing test as a criterion of intelligence.

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Now, it is easier than ever to make a bot from scratch.

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