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I have found my soul mate and just want to embrace the people that he cares for. Rebbetzin Feige responds: The Midrash observes that a house that is filled with straw over time will betray that it does not house gold and silver (Midrash Raba, Numbers, ). Coming together in marriage requires many normal and routine adjustments.Some of these are: gender differences, coming from different families of origin, having different modes of responding and coping, etc. When these tremors in marriage occur, a conflict as great as differences in religious commitment is an event wherein the straw in the house becomes visible; where the individuals might seriously come to question whether the decision to overlook so serious an issue was in fact well advised.A reader writes: I am currently dating a Jewish man and I'm a Catholic.At first we just realized we had a lot in common and his being Jewish wasn't an issue. Unlike me, she hadn’t dreamed of meeting someone Jewish and having a Jewish wedding. I was only able to relax around non-Jewish women, because I didn’t feel the same pressure; that’s how I met, and fell in love with, my wife.Note that those same requirements hold when a Catholic marries a baptized Christian from a different denomination where there’s no “impediment.” The impediment, however, applies with marriages to those who consider themselves Christians but are not baptized (e.g.

He had known other girls and, as I was twenty-five before we married, I had had my share of other men's attention.

those Pentecostals who deny the Trinity or, as of 2001, Mormons).

Helpful discussions of matters like this, written in a manner to aid understanding by ordinary church members, are available at

His beliefs are very strong and I'm finding out why. He's very prominent in the Jewish community and I don't want to cause him any troubles. He's such a wonderful man and we care about each other deeply so I want to make this easy for him, not hard.

Each day he e-mails me something that he feels I would find interesting. I'm not writing this so you can tell me I should move on and forget about him because that just isn't possible.

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