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I have attempted to input items into the in-game search, but with the limit of only three criteria, you can't input for, and very rarely shows you items that are sold.

Without knowing if an item sells at the listed price, this data is not very helpful at all.

I have tried listing items that look similar at roughly the same price, and they rarely get sold.

Although there is always a risk using software-in-development on a live server, I know people do it anyways, and if you're going to, you should stick with the old version, at least until 0.4.* gets more testing).

To help determine where you are more likely to find appropriate quality items, refer to this chart (Note that using the second method on an item that can only hold 3 sockets will have a 1/6 chance of getting 1 socket, 1/6 chance of getting 2 sockets, and 4/6 chance of getting 3 sockets.

(if the system chooses 3-6, they will each give the item 3 sockets, the maximum it can hold) The only other way to get the items you desire (whatever they may be) is to trade!

This game is all about bartering with other players.

Join a game or make a game and start asking around for the item you want.

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Background For the last few days, I've been attempting to figure out what my items current market value are, if anything.

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