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but the Custom Shop guitars (supposedly made by hand like the old guitars) are so much more expensive and from what I’ve played, not a whole lot better. I later opened it up and discovered that the pickups and pots were all dated 1981, which bummed me out a bit, (no longer like Sanna!

) as Fender essentially made “1979” guitars until 1982, keeping the S9xxxxx serial numbers going.

I sold this guitar in a period of being especially broke a few years later. Sold several guitars and the last of my motorcycles.

It had been stored “under the stairs” for the last many years until migrating over to Folkway earlier this week, and before that was played and enjoyed by a man who took great care of his belongings.If you have reliable information which should be added here, feel free to send me the information with appropriate credit. I am not a gear nut, and some of what is on this page I don't understand.My effort has been to focus on gear used from 1985-1990.The first two secrets to Stevie's tone are his soul and hands, so you are defeated before you begin in your quest for his tone.For those who are interested, the following is the best I can do for you in answering gear questions.

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Well balanced and a joy to play, which isn’t always the case with 70’s Martins! Overall in excellent condition less some light finish checking, hardware tarnish and play wear. Plays and sounds absolutely fantastic comes with the original hardshell case. Two Patent Numbered Pickups with 1980 ink date stamps, 1980 dated pots, block inlays, and chrome hardware.

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