Dating of events in the book of acts

The dates regarding the writings of the Gospels, especially, may be off by as much as 15 years.

Unfortunately, the New Testament does not give a precise timeline for these significant events—apparently God doesn't think we need them.

Throughout eight whole chapters St Luke keeps his readers intensely interested in the progress of the trial of St Paul, simply that he may in the end completely disappoint them — they learn nothing of the final result of the trial!

For those of us who are examining the gospel accounts, this means we’ve got to answer the simple question, “Were the gospel written early enough to have been written by people who were actually present for the life and ministry of Jesus? The Ministry of Paul Paul on the Road to Damascus: 36 A. The dates of the deaths of the apostles are through church tradition, as the only death mentioned in the Bible is that of James the brother of the Apostle John in Acts 12:2. The author considers Acts as the second of a two-part work.A second-century document, the Muratorian Canon, states that the third Gospel and the Book of Acts were written by "Luke." Luke is mentioned in Colossians , Philemon 24, and 2 Timothy as a companion of Paul, "the beloved physician." In Acts -17; 20:5-16; 21:1-18; 27-28 (the "we" sections), the pronoun changes from the third to the first person, indicting the writer was a participant in the events described.

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