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And then I discovered and it was the beginning of 1998, I discovered a whole new generation that had grown up and was waiting for me to come out and play. You know I was, as you know, I was in a marriage and a relationship for eight and a half years and... HEFNER: And two children out of it, faithful to it the entire eight and a half years and when it didn't work came out of it a little emotionally beat up and bruised. HOLLY MADISON, HUGH HEFNER'S NUMBER ONE LIVE-IN GIRLFRIEND: Well, I've been around the longest and there was a hierarchy even before I came along. "We tried to have a baby earlier this year and it didn't work out," he said.

Is the reality star still involved with show business? Despite having been born in Tillamook, Oregon, Marquardt mostly grew up in Lodi, California as that was where she was raised after having moved there with her family when she was a young girl.According to the blonde’s filmography, the last show (in which she had more than a single guest appearance) had been the documentary series “E! When she was in fifth grade, her parents got a divorce.Marquardt’s mother eventually remarried a few years later, consequently leading Marquardt, along with her younger brother Edward to move into their stepdad’s ranch.That's all I care about." As of now, Bridget Marquardt, who survived the mansion's last love shake-up several years ago, is Hefner's only girlfriend who has not come forward with news of a split.A Playboy rep, who has stayed mum since the break-ups, has not revealed whether the 35-year-old is still in a relationship with Hefner.

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