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In the footage, reportedly filmed at a nightclub outside the Russian capital, Moscow, two Kyrgyz women are seen being shoved and insulted by a group of male compatriots indignant at them for consorting with non-Kyrgyz men.

Here are a few of my highlights: The tour started in Astana, which is around a six-and-a-half hour flight from London on Air Astana.

However, there are no differences in regard to law and juridical norms.

Women have the right to vote, study and, at least for now, the right to travel abroad independently.

Several frames from a mobile phone video, published on You Tube on Feb.

16 and circulating among social media users in Kyrgyzstan, purportedly shows two Kyrgyz women being harassed and insulted by a group of male compatriots at a nightclub outside Moscow.

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