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After the play was over, all of the students gathered outside and the defendant told one of the plaintiff's friends that "he wanted to punch [the plaintiff] in the titties." The friend repeated the statement to the plaintiff, and then the defendant said it again, directly to the plaintiff. [Note 6] This made her "angry and mad, upset, afraid." Two days later, the plaintiff applied for and received an ex parte harassment prevention order against the defendant under the civil statute, G. [Note 7] On June 20, 2014, following an evidentiary hearing at which both parties testified, the judge extended the order for one year. [Note 5] Afterwards, on May 21, 2014, the defendant attended a school play with his mother; the plaintiff also attended, as did her mother and sisters. 258E, ordering him not to abuse, harass, or contact her, and to remain away from her residence. Married inmates will be limited to one visit per week.An inmate that has been admitted into the hospital will not be allowed visitors.Cancer-related infertility is an issue for younger patients, who comprise a much smaller percentage of total cancer survivors.However, the long-term emotional impact of being unable to have a child after cancer can be extremely distressing.Married inmates will be allowed to visit when both are incarcerated.Married inmate shall be responsible to prove they are legally married.

First recognised in the Netherlands in 2001 and now legal in more than 20 countries, same-sex marriage attracted local attention in 2012 after the coming-out of a newly elected legislator and two pop singers who went on to form an organisation that promotes LGBT rights.

Advances in knowledge about how cancer treatments may damage fertility, as well as newer techniques to preserve fertility, offer hope to patients who have not completed their childbearing at cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, surveys in industrialised nations confirm that many cancer patients are still not informed about potential changes to their sexual function or fertility, and all modalities of fertility preservation remain underutilised.

The defendant also sent, at his parents' request, a letter of apology to the plaintiff and her parents.

COMPLAINT for protection from harassment filed in the Essex County Division of the Juvenile Court Department on May 23, 2014. Mc Manus, J., and a motion for a new trial was considered by him. Unhappy with the school's proposed plan for the situation, the defendant's parents voluntarily withdrew him from school and homeschooled him for the remainder of the school year.

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