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It's purely a method of escape, and a good one at that. Reality shows that aired this year featured all sorts of batshit crazy people, from angry mob wives to drunken Welsh people to a teenage bride who thinks she's Erin Brokovich.It sounds crazy, we know, but that's reality television—the crazier, the better.Ramona says, it’s pretty much what you see is what it is. Things are the same as when the season started and the altercation took place.Me and my mom and my lil brother Farrod just got to the English country side.In honor of the year's end, we sifted through the insanity and ranked The 25 Worst Reality TV Stars of 2012.

From a third-floor apartment window, I looked down to where stakeout cop James Ramp was slowly kneeling to take a shooting position on the sidewalk with others. 8, 1978, in the first armed battle between MOVE and the Philadelphia Police Department.

Whereas it's a bigger stretch to find well-adjusted, likable people on reality television, finding the annoying and awful ones that everyone loves to hate—and some everyone just flat out hates—is easy because, really, it's what the genre is all about.

No one likes to watch these kinds of trashy shows for the quality—they watch them for the mindless entertainment factor.

Basically we are ' Miserable Often Bitchy Wives' ( one male), a blogging cocktail of the shows & movies we love to watch. Follow us on Twitter @ Chiara Soprano1 or @undabawse.

Ramona gives an informative and detailed interviewed about several topics.

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Bulldozers shoved away the parapet where for 15 months MOVE had threatened a showdown if four of their members weren't released from prison.

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